Leslie James Pickering's history of the nearly forgotten Evan Mecham Eco Terrorist International Conspiracy (EMETIC), a clandestine group of monkeywrenchers who sabotaged nuclear power and ski resort developments encroaching into sacred American Indian lands in the Grand Canyon region during the late 1980s, sparking the interests of Earth First!ers and serving as inspiration for the Earth Liberation Front nearly a decade later. Includes an interview with former EMETIC member, Peg Millett.

Leslie James Pickering is the editor of Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism: The Collective Autobiography of the RNC 8, which tells the story of eight Twin Cities activists who faced terrorism charges for organizing protests against the 2008 Republican National Convention.

The Spring 2010 issue of Resistance Magazine features an article by Leslie James Pickering taking "A Brief Look at 40 Years of Guerrilla Sabotage in Defense of the Earth."

The Winter 2010 issue of Resistance Magazine features an artile by Leslie James Pickering on the Evan Mecham Eco Terrorist International Conspiracy (EMETIC).

This Country Must Change – Essays on the Necessity of Revolution in the USA features an essay by Leslie James Pickering on The Earth Liberation Front and Revolution.

"This Country Must Change is an effort to further the discussion of the necessity of a fundamental political and social revolution in the United States. This book contains essays by twelve activists and authors, all who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to revolutionary change. It is as inspiring as it is educational and a must read for anyone involved with or considering advocating for political or social change within the U.S. Arguing that reformist measures cannot be relied upon to correct the fundamental problems caused by the corporate elite and political structure in the United States, the contributing authors in this book are unified in their call for a significant revolutionary change in the United States of America."

Contributing authors: Ramona Africa • Jake Conroy • Bill Dunne • Ronald Kuykendall • Jaan Laaman • Rob Los Ricos • Jeff Luers • Jalil Muntaqim • Jonathan Paul • Leslie James Pickering • Craig Rosebraugh • Peter Young

The premier issue of Resistance – Journal of the Earth Liberation Movement features an in-depth article by Leslie James Pickering on the Earth Liberation Front’s 2008 Street of Dreams arson.This Resistance takes after Resistance – Journal of the Earth Liberation Front Press Office, which Leslie James Pickering edited between 2000 and 2002.

Mad Bomber Melville is the biography of Sam Melville, a white, working class Vietnam War-era revolutionary.

Melville was convicted as the driving force behind a spree of devastating dynamite bombings in Manhattan skyscrapers housing corporations and government agencies driving American involvement in the Vietnam War. His bombings inspired numerous revolutionaries and set in motion a flood of similar guerrilla attacks during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Once imprisoned, Melville became a key organizer of the Attica Prison uprising of September 1971, the most significant prison uprising in United States history, where he was killed by the blast of a policeman’s shotgun.

Mad Bomber Melville is the first and only complete biography on this powerfully influential figure, shedding light on a piece of the past with undeniable relevance the present.

A 6-minute video of a portion of the release of Leslie James Pickering’s Mad Bomber Melville at Rust Belt Books in Buffalo on September 9th, 2007, is available for viewing on Youtube. Preview samples of Mad Bomber Melville were featured in Buffalo’s weekly Artvoice and can be found in parts 1, 2, 3 & 4.

In Earth Liberation Front 1997-2002, former ELF spokesperson, Leslie James Pickering, traces the first five years of ELF activity through communiqués, underground newspapers, interviews and news media releases. The first book to be published on the ELF, Earth Liberation Front 1997-2002 is a must read for anyone interested in understanding the radical environmental movement in the United States and the birth of a clandestine, underground organization acting in defense of the planet.

Igniting A Revolution – Voices in Defense of the Earth features a haranguing essay by Leslie James Pickering on the relevance of the Earth liberation struggle written in the midst of the FBI’s Operation Backfire.